MHN Executive Council: 2024 Multifamily Resolutions

What are your goals for this year? Our experts share what they're planning to do at their companies and communities.

New Year, new business insights! January is the perfect time to review what we’ve done in the past year, and look to new ways to improve our business practices going forward. This month, the MHN Executive Council shared what their plans are for 2024.

Development Plan

Diana Norbury

2023 was a challenging year that pushed us to refine the products we utilize to make space for solutions that most impactfully improve the prospect, resident and team member experience. After a year of evaluations and implementations, we’re in a more tailored chapter. We have made a resolution to go through a similar exercise with our internal processes in 2024.

We have team members that are passionate and hungry for continued development. We want to create opportunities for team members to champion specific processes, software, or aspects of our business to create standard use cases. Our goal for 2024 is to further drive business continuity to best prepare for growth. —Diana Norbury, Senior Vice President, Pillar Properties 

Mary Cook
Mary Cook

Raising the Bar

We’re so fortunate to have been working with the country’s best real estate owners and developers for more than three decades. We don’t take it for granted. At the start of each year, we commit to setting new bars for innovative solutions that will expand the types of projects, demographics and markets we serve. We revisit our core Mission and Values—to execute our proven R.O.E.™ design methodology—that prioritizes deep thinking up front and inspires us to work throughout the design process to get measurable results.

We also recommit to our clients to help them grow and differentiate through new initiatives. In 2024 we’ll be collaborating more closely with leading multifamily developers who are increasing investments in elevating branded experiences for residents. We’re dedicating new resources and services to support a comprehensive approach that enables their success. —Mary Cook, President,Mary Cook Associates

Michael Napovanice

Repo Man

My 2024 Multifamily Resolution is to continue the growth of our company, looking at properties in markets that need repositioning and good management. Our niche is turning around properties that have been mismanaged.

In addition, we are changing our employee training system with one that is more personalized for each new employee and how they like to be trained and the best way they do with training. —Michael Napovanice, President & Principal, Orion Property Group

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