MHN Executive Council: 2023 Multifamily Trends & Tech

What should property managers and marketers focus on this year? The MHN Executive Council gives their top suggestions.

What trends and technology should those in the multifamily industry focus on in the new year? The MHN Executive Council shares their insights.

Christine Gustafson

Get Smart

Smart (fil-in-the-blank here) are what we are seeing and will continue to see as a focus in 2023. Smart thermostats, smart locks, smart outlets. Electric car chargers are well received. Evolving amenity spaces and options are sprouting up in various markets—from elaborate common spaces for mingling and coworking to, even, common spaces that look like bars and restaurants, to mini market ideas that are seeping from the hospitality industry to the multifamily industry. I predict a ramped-up focus on pets; pet programming and pet experiences will also be a focus in 2023. People love their pets, and, as an industry, it’s looking like we are re-engaging with that demographic to make the human and pet feel “at home.” —Christine Gustafson, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, The Breeden Co.

Stephanie Anderson

Risky Business

Cyber security—with hackers and data privacy laws growing and more remote work taking place, there are added risks that need to be addressed intentionally. 

Employee development—This one is huge. Following the great resignation and quiet quitting, it’s now more important than ever to retain top talent within our organizations. E-learning should be purposefully offered and readily available. Employees should be able to take courses that interest them, not just compliance. And educational offerings should be easy to access and digest (think micro-learning on steroids)—hello, world of 60 second TikTok videos.

Collaborative tools—While waiting on the perfectly integrated tech stack that doesn’t yet exist, there is a great need for seamless communication for staff and residents. How can we add a metaverse experience to the multifamily world?

Previous amenities have evolved into now necessities: package delivery (don’t forget storage for cold items), EV charging stations, smart home technology (HoT), etc. —Stephanie Anderson, Senior Director, Grace Hill

Noam Hameiri

Top Tech

  • Smart apartments (lock, lights, Tstat) paired with smart access control (common areas)
  • EV chargers
  • Self-guided tours

Noam Hameiri, Chief Strategy Officer, Deels Properties

Mary Cook, founder & president of Mary Cook Associates, believes that in addition to the aesthetic factor, multifamily design should also include function, livability, durability and flexibility. Image courtesy of Mary Cook Associates

Mary Cook

Come Together Right Now

A focus on creating communities where people can thrive physically, emotionally and mentally will continue during 2023. The demand for larger units and more privacy requires plentiful and adaptable spaces that can function as working and co-working spaces, as well as areas that provide a variety of rejuvenation experiences.

Passive and active outdoor amenities will support programming that bring residents together for socialization. Creating outdoor spaces that are livable all year long with heating and cooling elements is a trend to watch. An emphasis on localism and neighborhood will drive more restaurants, coffee houses and entertainment venues offering residents discounts, rewards programs and VIP/special events. —Mary Cook, President, Mary Cook Associates

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