E-Mon Debuts Remote Energy Monitoring for Multi-Building Facilities

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E-Mon has unveiled a new web-based energy-monitoring platform that provides both real-time and historical data in any web browser, allowing property managers to view live energy use without having to install additional software.

Web-Mon Enterprise Edition

Langhorne, Pa.—Maximizing a building’s energy conservation program is difficult without quick access to real-time energy consumption rates. This problem is only exacerbated when dealing with a large campus or community with several buildings.

Luckily for property managers, E-Mon has just unveiled a new web-based energy monitoring platform that provides both real-time and historical data in any web browser. The system, named Web-Mon Enterprise, communicates through a building’s existing IP backbone. This feature makes the product particularly useful for monitoring campus and multi-building facilities. The interface is user-friendly and allows property managers to view live energy use without having to install any additional software.

“Web-Mon Enterprise Edition takes one-click energy management to the next level by automatically integrating the user’s distributed metering infrastructure into real-time meter dashboards via any TCI/IP local or wide area network,” says Don Millstein, president and chief executive officer at E-Mon. “Web-Mon Enterprise complements our standard Web-Mon offering, typically used in single-building scenarios, with open architecture Modbus IP-compatible device connectivity for virtually any multi-facility energy monitoring and management networking requirement, including presentment of electricity, gas, water and other metered parameters.”

The fully customizable dashboard can display consumption, peak demand, power factor, volts and amps by phase. There is also a view that displays the current carbon/greenhouse gas footprint in carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and mono-nitrogen oxide emission levels. The system can also be set up to email property managers when daily energy use surpasses a predetermined set point. Internal memory can store up to 36 days worth of data taken at 15-minute intervals. There is also an export feature that allows quick sharing in either spreadsheet or PDF formats.

E-Mon was formed in 1981 and has since established itself as a leader in the production of solid-state electronic sub-meters and meter-reading software. The company is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Alliance to Save Energy and the Federal Energy Management Program task force.

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