Christy Freeland To Retire as Chairman of Riverstone Residential Group

Dallas--Freeland was one of the founders of Riverstone in 2006.

Christy Freeland

Dallas–Christy Freeland, Chairman of the Riverstone Residential Group, will retire after 34 years of being in the industry. Riverstone credits Freeland with been the driving force in establishing Riverstone’s position in the multifamily industry.

Freeland was one of the founders of Riverstone in 2006 along with current President, Terry Danner. Freeland was instrumental in leading the company through the acquisition of five property management organizations.

“I love Riverstone and the property management business overall,” says Freeland. “We provide people with a place to call home, raise their families and create memories. Each day is different since we are involved in client relationships, business development, financial planning, and, of course, mentoring and working with associates to reach their full potential. I will miss the many people with whom I have worked closely over the years.”

“I am confident that I am leaving the company in very capable hands and I know the company will continue to grow and prosper.” Freeland will continue to work on special projects for the company till the end of this year.

Both Danner and CEO, Walt Smith, tout Freeland’s numerous accomplishments and contributions during her stellar career with Riverstone.

Danner says, “As her business partner, I have had the distinct privilege of working very closely with Christy and I will miss our day-to-day dialogue and group effort. She is a true professional who has been dedicated to driving optimum property performance, providing the best possible service to clients and ensuring our associates have the tools they need to succeed.”

Smith adds, “I have learned a great deal from her in the last few years that I have been associated with her and Riverstone and she has helped prepare all of the senior executives by being a great mentor and teacher of her trade. She will be sorely missed, and we wish her great health and happiness in this next chapter of her life.”

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