Catchy Instacaptions for Multifamily Marketing

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Take the stress out of Instagram captioning with these ideas that attract online apartment hunters.

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As the number of Instagram users continues to grow, so does the number of businesses attempting to make the best of the social media platform to reach their target audience. It’s a fierce competition, and just being on Instagram is not enough. Apartment marketers must use it as a strategic tool to build brand awareness, grow audience, encourage engagement and, ultimately, generate profit.

It is said that an image is worth a thousand words. But words have the power to convey the right message and add tremendous value to any social media strategy. Choosing the right caption—as well as relevant hashtags—will help explain and contextualize the message conveyed by an image.

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To make the most of Instagram, make sure you first define your goals. And because we know how challenging that can be, we gathered some cool caption ideas for marketing your apartment community.

Connect and build relationships

The right captions and hashtags can put your apartment to the forefront—especially if you target potential renters who haven’t connected with you before.

Start with general, keyword-based hashtags: #[propertyname], #[city]apartments, #apartmentliving, #[city]living, etc.

Multifamily managers and marketers should make the best of all the features Instagram provides, including the multiple photo option. The more diverse the images are, the better! Include relevant images showcasing the units and amenities, as well as outdoor spaces.

Shift points of view and play with content while getting personal through call-to-action captions: “Like what you see? Imagine living here at #[propertyname]. Click the link in our profile for more info and schedule a tour!”

Or you can try something more inquisitive: “Looking for apartments in #[city]? Follow us to see our exciting listings and vibrant community!”

Your posts should bring out the vibe of the community as well. Showcase the surroundings and life within it. Let your followers know you care about just signing leases—show them the life beyond the fence and walls.

For example, an image with residents relaxing by the pool could read: “That’s how relaxing at #[propertyname] looks like. We saved you a seat!”

Get personal and address the audience directly: “Our suites at #[propertyname] are waiting for you. Swing by and reserve your spot before it’s too late!”

Or you can try a very subtle—but enticing—description of the listed units: “Looking for your dream space in #[city]? We’ve got you covered. Click the link in our bio to see what we have for you!”

Engage and entertain

It’s crucial to engage with Gen Z renters via platforms that they are comfortable with, such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Image by John Schnobrich via
Image by John Schnobrich via

Highlight what’s going on in your community by sharing content with actual residents and highlighting community events. By doing so, you offer prospects a snapshot of what it’s really like to live in that community while giving them a chance to interact with you.

Don’t forget to tag people—putting a name to the face will bring you more followers and interactions: “Meet @[resident name], who just moved into #[propertyname]. We’re happy to have [preferred pronoun] onboard!”

You could also document a new resident’s Instajourney to your community or include testimonials: “Welcome to #[propertyname], @[resident name]. Care to show us around?”

It’s important to mention all the members of your community—furry friends included! Showcase the cutest moments. “Fun never stops at #[propertyname]. We love our furry residents here!” Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags such as the highly popular #dogsofinstagram or #catsofinstagram.

Encourage interaction by prompting your followers to spread the word and reach out to people they know: “Tag a friend that would love to see our amazing apartment homes in #[city]!”

Or invite them to chip in with ideas about future events: “Drop us a comment and let us know what our next community event should be at #[propertyname]!”

Last but not least, introduce the property management team to your residents: “Our team here at #[propertyname] is ready to seize the day, how about you?”

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