Can Property Managers Set a Firearms Policy for Residents?

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What property managers should know about their residents' right to bear arms.

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Are your residents legally allowed to have guns at your properties? Can you tell them no?

Please note that this isn’t an opinion piece or stance on the Second Amendment. We’re simply exploring what property managers need to know about renters’ right to bear arms.

Property managers usually decide firearms policy

For the most part, property managers and owners can decide their own firearms policy. Unless your state says otherwise, Second Amendment rights that apply to homeowners also apply to property managers.

That means you can also ban guns at your properties. Of course, that ban will need to be stated clearly in the lease.

If you decide to let your residents keep firearms in their residences, they can do so as long as they follow all laws for purchasing, licensing, etc.

And by the way, the Fair Housing Act does not count gun owners as a protected class. That means if you ban firearms at your residences, prospects and residents can’t claim a right to bear arms under the FHA.

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