Be a Bright Lighthouse!

When it comes to leadership, are you a beacon?


Be a beacon. Photo credit: Magic K via

Success in leadership is heavily dependent on good communication. During our state conference last month (time flies!), Tammy Longo and I talked about Leading from the Pack: Developing Leadership Skills While Working for Someone Else. In addition to being the loudest presenters who definitely had too much fun, we shared some thoughts on improving your communication, no matter what your role in the organization is.

Some leaders make it easy. They are brightly shining lighthouses—pointing out problems way before you get there, giving you guidance on rocky situations, and ultimately, getting you safely landed in port where you belong. These are people who have worked on their communication skills both in delivering messages to those who report to them, and listening to what their employees are saying.

Some leaders are lighthouses, still shining, but their bulbs are a little dull. They give guidance at the last minute right before you run into trouble. The way forward is not clear, but they don’t let you run into the rocks and ultimately, after much navigation and re-navigation, you will get there. Sometimes new managers are like this because their hearts are in the right place, but they need experience to brighten their light. Sometimes your boss is overwhelmed and can only give you as needed attention.

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