Investor Interest Grows for Non-Core Markets

Investors are increasingly drawn to secondary and tertiary suburbs due to overheating in core markets and residents’ desire for more affordable living, notes Parkview Financial’s Paul Rahimian.

Senior Housing Construction a Safe Bet for Lenders

Baby Boomers are downsizing into smaller apartments with all the comforts and amenities, and they are choosing communities that don’t have a lot of children, notes Paul Rahimian of Parkview Financial.

As Coastal Development Slows, High-Growth Markets Offer Upside

Metros with robust job growth and competitive land prices are an alternative to gateway markets, writes Paul Rahimian, CEO of construction lender Parkview Financial.

Wise Construction Lenders Do Their Own Homework

Without proper analysis of market pricing and other data, funds may be disbursed at the wrong basis, according to Paul Rahimian of Parkview Financial.