Michael Russo


Green Incentives for Brownfield Development

Green building and brownfield development are walking hand-in-hand these days, with urban infill projects likely to take a lead in the multi-housing comeback.

Successful Development Builds from the Consumer Up

For developers, knowing their markets includes not only knowing their residents, but knowing their capabilities.

Economic Factors Drive Adaptive Reuse

When new construction turns cold, some developers just adapt.

Aftermath of the ‘Busted’ Condo Boom

Rental developers are learning that they can no longer find quality condos at discount prices.

Best Bet for Building: Small Units in an Urban Location

There appears to be a serious rental shortage in the making, and the greatest demand will come from Baby Boomers and their progeny—the emerging Renter Nation. Ironically, both groups want urban apartments that are smart-sized and affordable.

Green Building at Its Best

Two recent award-winning projects illustrate how green building concepts are becoming increasingly prevalent--and more affordable--for apartment developers.

Big Apple Riding Out Recession

ern California, this is a very positive environment," adds Greenburger.Taxi riders take virtual condo toursWith a marketing idea that could only work in New...