Mary Cook

3 Considerations for Multifamily Amenity Design

Mary Cook Associates’ founder & president on how developers can create spaces to maximize well-being.

Mary Cook

Why It’s Critical to Recession-Proof Properties After COVID-19

Owners and operators can beat the competition and attract multiple target markets by optimizing and activating a project’s design, says Mary Cook.

3 Game-Changing Trends Thanks to TCJA

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 favors apartment rentals over single-family home sales in a number of ways, but developers and managers should not take this advantage for granted, says designer Mary Cook.

5 Design Don’ts for Senior Living Communities

Avoid these mistakes to ensure your facility is more livable for the exacting Baby Boom generation, says designer Mary Cook.

Mary Cook

3 Common Design Mistakes That Keep Renters at Bay

Today’s renters—accustomed to boutique hotels, smart coffee shops and restaurants where the décor is as important as the menu—are visually sophisticated and highly design conscious. They want spaces that look good, function well and feel just right.