Open Software Platforms in Multifamily

The adoption of the term “open platform” in the business world is in fact an attempt to mirror the remarkable success of the open platform model in enterprise software—in particular, enterprise resource planning.

How Inspections Can Help Prepare for Disasters

While common-sense safety steps can help people ride out Mother Nature’s extremes, owners and managers must go above and beyond the basics to ensure the safety of their portfolios and (more important) their residents.

How Technology Enhances Pre-Purchase Inspections

Only by leveraging new technologies like mobile apps, cloud storage and automated reporting can inspections deliver real value to buyers, sellers and lenders.

Preventing Tragedy Means Going Above and Beyond

After the tragic fire in London’s Grenfell Tower, it’s crucial for multifamily operators to take a look at building safety—which might mean going beyond the letter of the law.

Keep Residents Safe—and Lawsuits at Bay

An unknown apartment hazard could end up causing injury to residents. Experts weigh in on how inspections keep your building safe and limit your own liability.

How Mobile Inspections Can Boost Your Bottom Line & Help Save the Planet

Making multifamily companies greener through raises the quality of units, cushions assets against increases in energy costs and opens a universe of cost savings, quality-of-life improvements for residents and asset value that yield a competitive advantage.

Using Inspection Systems to Remove Negative Online Reviews

In the multifamily industry, low online reviews usually highlight two key issues: poorly maintained properties and disputes over damage deposits. A comprehensive approach allows managers to identify problems in units and common areas and eliminate the major causes of bad reviews.