Products to Boost Curb Appeal

These products are eminently useful. They all provide benefits your residents will be seeking. But just because they serve a purpose doesn’t mean they can’t also increase your community’s curb appeal, such as beautifully designed lighting. With these products, form meets function! Laser Cut Collection from Moz Designs Finding durable materials that allow intricate texture and artistry is often a challenge. The new Laser Cut collection of aluminum panels created by Moz Designs can be applied in a variety of creative and functional ways. The recycled aluminum material ensures durability and resists rust. The Laser Cut collection can be utilized…

Attractively Affordable

David Obitz outlines KTGY’s efforts to create smart, aesthetically pleasing affordable housing to address the shortage in the Golden State.

Yardi Matrix: Better Odds in Las Vegas

Employment Growth Triggers Demand

Technology Roundtable

Top executives discuss multifamily’s biggest innovations and concerns.

Technology: Smart Touches

In the past year or so, voice-activated devices have emerged, enabling residents to control thermostats, lights, locks and other items without touching a smartphone.

Yardi Matrix: Atlanta’s Rapid Growth

Atlanta is in the midst of a substantial growth period. Its diversified economy, highly skilled workforce and relatively affordable housing have boosted the metro’s multifamily market.

Yardi Matrix: Austin’s Fundamental Growth

Austin continues to be one of the rapidly growing metros in the U.S. Its economy is experiencing healthy gains, with employment and population growth well above national averages.

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