Alex is a senior editor with Multi-Housing News and Commercial Property Executive who has more than a decade of experience in the industry. Mainly focused on data-driven exploits, he works with Yardi Matrix and CommercialEdge to provide insights into the real estate market.

Inland Empire. Photo by MattGush/

Inland Empire Multifamily Report – March 2024

While crosswinds persist, the market remains a Southern California bright spot.

Manhattan. Photo by Bim/

Manhattan Multifamily Report – January 2024

The Big Apple’s rental market shows resilience.

Columbus. Photo by Davel5957/

Columbus Multifamily Report – September 2023

Rents are slowly but steadily rising.

Atlanta. Photo by Sean Pavone/

Atlanta Multifamily Report – May 2023

While slowing down, the average rate was still up year-over-year.

Queens. Photo by Alex Potemkin/

Queens Multifamily Report – May 2023

Meanwhile, the workforce segment is treading water.

Inland Empire. Photo by MattGush/

Inland Empire Multifamily Report – March 2023

Slow deliveries are helping cushion the effects of a cooling market.

Tampa. Photo by virsuziglis/

Tampa Multifamily Report – February 2023

After a strong run, growth is now closer to historic averages.

Brooklyn: Image by Wirestock/

Brooklyn Multifamily Report – January 2023

Despite setbacks, occupancy remains one of the tightest in the country.

Inland Empire: Image by Davel5957/

Inland Empire Multifamily Report – December 2022

Occupancy dropped, but remained well above U.S. average.

Washington, D.C., Multifamily Report – November 2022

While the market is cooling off, projects across the capital are pushing through.