Apartment Staffing 101: Don’t Hire Nice People

While “nice” individuals are perfectly acceptable, one blogger argues that all of the “great” leasing agents he ever hired had a slightly different trait.

dont hire nice peopleApartment staffing can be tricky business. Over the years, I have managed and hired hundreds of leasing agents. It can be tough trying to find the right candidate. Early in my career, I made many mistakes when it came to hiring.  Some candidates I thought would be great turned out to be all talk and no action, while others who I thought we be just “OK,” turned out to be excellent employees.

But one of the biggest mistakes I made was presuming that because a candidate was “nice,” that they would be a great leasing agent. However, what I found is that while “nice” individuals are perfectly acceptable, all of the “great” leasing agents I ever hired were very “kind” people.

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