Add a Newsletter to the Communication Toolbox

Tips for making the most of this underestimated resource.

Image courtesy of Multifamily Insiders

We communicate with our residents through a number of platforms. Add a newsletter to your communication toolbox; this is an underestimated, easily accessible resource. A community newsletter is a great way to communicate with your residents.

However, in the busy life for a management team, the idea of a newsletter is yet another task in the unpredictable days that never seem to allow the time necessary for a task that doesn’t rate as urgent or important.

Underestimating the value of a community newsletter could actually cause your team to waste time. And time is the one resource that’s limited and irreplaceable.

On a regular basis there are announcements that we need to communicate to our residents.

Pest control schedule. Social event reminders. Maintenance Schedules.

While it seems there isn’t justifiable time to dedicate to a newsletter. It actually saves time. We can eliminate multiple individual notices that we have to publish or distribute, during the course of each week.

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