A Heated Debate: How to Load the Dishwasher

Providing these tips to residents will help you ward off dissatisfaction with this essential appliance.


Image by Wendelin Jacober via pexels.com

It seems that every American has a contrary opinion on how to put things in the dishwasher. The age old household debate finally gets a definitive, scientific answer. You might be asking, does this really have to do with multifamily? Yes, friends, this has to do with EVERY family, and the bottom half of this blog are two examples of good “how-to” videos, and some helpful tips for loading dishwashers that you can share with your residents. But first, let’s analyze the types of dishwasher loaders in the world today.

There are three basic types of dishwasher loader in this great land today:

  1. The Tetris Player (TPers): Usually male, born between 1964-1983, this individual spent a lot of time playing Legos, Lincoln Logs or Tetris. To the Tetris Player (TPer), object of loading the dishwasher is to compute the most efficient way to stack the most dishes possible into the dishwasher, but in a specific order and with cleaning in mind. While uber efficient in getting all the dinner dishes in there, the TPer can be annoying to the other types of loader as he will take all the things that you put in out, and re-load them to his high standards. He or she often complains that no one loads the dishwasher, but why would a Casual Stacker (see #3) even try when the TPer will re-do everything? If one is particularly afflicted, he will make you file all your silverware in a specific order to avoid “spooning.”

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