5 Ways Property Management Businesses Can Show Appreciation For Their Onsite Teams

Looking for some ideas on how to show your appreciation? Here are some tips.

While the coronavirus has presented new challenges at every level of property management, apartment onsite teams have been on the forefront, keeping your business running smoothly and helping residents stay safe at home. These truly essential everyday heroes deserve some extra recognition for their dedication to their jobs and the residents they serve.

Looking for some ideas on how to show your appreciation? Check out the quick tips below.

1. Give away prizes

There’s nothing like a raffle to get your team excited and boost morale. The prizes should be meaningful to people’s lives, but social distancing can make that tricky. While movie tickets are often a great idea, most theaters are closed right now, so this prize could be disappointing.

Instead, think about experiences that will bring a little relief and joy to your team today. Right now, gift baskets with tasty, comforting treats, funny photo prop items (like silly glasses and hats), company-branded swag or gifts cards for gas stations and grocery stores might be exactly what your onsite team needs.

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