5 Safe Resident Event Ideas for Spring

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Here’s what property managers can do to improve resident satisfaction while following safety measures.

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As a multifamily property manager or operator, your creativity has probably never been put to the test like it has in the past year. And as the requirements to follow social distancing guidelines, wear masks and avoid crowded spaces still persist, organizing community events to engage with your residents has become quite an endeavor.

To make that even more challenging, most renters are still working from home, so they’re probably also experiencing Zoom fatigue. This means your online event might not see the success you were hoping for. Therefore, going the extra mile to support and foster a sense of community—that you’ve worked so hard to build before the pandemic—is a must! Here’s a list of safe and fun offline events that you can organize this spring:  

Drive-through grocery shopping 

Spring is the season of fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables, packed with healthy nutrients that help build the immune system after a long winter. To cater to your residents’ need to stay healthy, you could partner with a local farm and organize a drive-through pick-up of fresh produce. This way you’ll help boost your renters’ energy levels and also support small businesses in your area.  

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Safe garage sales 

A virus outbreak is definitely not the best time to host garage sales. However, after one year of mostly staying indoors, garage sales are a welcome respite—and also a fun decluttering opportunity. To keep everyone safe during such an event, lifestyle expert Martha Stewart listed a few basic rules in an online post:

  • set up the sale outdoors and organize a sanitation station;
  • encourage everyone to wear masks and only touch items they intend to buy;
  • create space for social distancing and mark the path people need to follow.

Spring decorating contest

A change of scenery is always nice, particularly after a long period of time spent mainly indoors. Invite your residents to decorate their balconies or patios to celebrate the fresh start that spring always brings. To help them out a bit, email them suggestions or tutorials on how to create their own spring decorations. You could even spice things up and give away prizes! Anything useful or delightful—such as discounts/gift vouchers at a local store or free online yoga classes—would work to entice more residents to participate.  

Socially distanced party 

Image by Catherine Cordasco for the United Nations via Unsplash

According to a study in The Arts in Psychotherapy, dancing can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Simply ask a local DJ (who, by the way, might be unemployed now, with all events canceled and clubs closed) to play some music outside on a warm spring evening for an hour or two, while everyone else remains inside and dances. Stick to the classics and select songs that most people relate to.

You could also organize a short open-air concert and line up a local musician to entertain your residents and help alleviate the stress and tension that have piled up in the past few months.   

Get crafty 

Make a list of fun DYI projects that will spark your residents’ interest and inspire them to explore their creativity—and remember that anything goes, as long as it’s easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of materials. Prepare the craft kits and deliver them directly to the residents’ doors. You can also make an online “Hall of Fame” on your community website where all these DYI projects can be displayed.  

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