10 Unsexy Amenities That Will Bring in Renters

The flashy amenities might get all the attention. But it's the practical ones that will have the most use.

Jessica Fiur

There are some really cool amenities at apartments now.
There are soundproof rooms to record podcasts and Tiktoks.
Gyms with Pelotons, Pilates classes and professional-level machines.
Pools with cabanas, grills and fire pits.
Pet spas. (And even some spas for people.)
These are sure to attract residents—how could they not? But it’s hard to win the amenities arms race. Can you even compete for renters if you don’t have the newest luxury amenity? Yes. Yes, you can.
The flashy amenities might get all the attention. But ultimately, it is the practical amenities that residents need that will get used the most. Here are some unsexy amenities that you should have at your community to attract and retain renters.
Package lockers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the fourth quarter of 2022, ecommerce sales equaled $260 billion. And at this point, I think we all pretty much know our Amazon passwords better than our spouses’ birthdays. Communities need a place to safely store residents’ packages.
Strong, reliable Wi-Fi. Duh. No further explanation needed.
A system to pay rent online. Do you know how many people still use checks? No, seriously, do you? I didn’t check. (Ha!) But, regardless, make it easy for your residents to pay their rent. And if you allow them to make payments automatically, they don’t need to worry about remembering, plus you’re more likely to get all your payments in a timely manner.
An easy way to make maintenance requests. A non-flushing toilet is a horrific, anxiety-causing event. (I’m talking anecdotally, of course, not from personal experience. Ahem.) Make it easy for residents to put in requests, schedule appointments, see the progress, etc.
Printers. While some companies are having employees return to work full time, many people are still working from home full-time or on a hybrid schedule. In fact, a Stanford study found that in early 2023 27 percent of paid full-time days are worked from home. That means a lot of your residents could use a place to print things. (Maybe they have their own, but ink doesn’t grow on trees, you know?)
In-unit washing machines. Maybe I’m scarred from living in a New York City apartment and having to do my laundry Saturday nights because that was the only time the machines (in the scary building basement!) were free and having to sit there the whole time so no one would take out my wet clothes the second the machine dinged, but in-unit washing machines are always appreciated.
Loading the dishwasher

Image courtesy of rudolf_langer via pixabay.com.

In-unit dishwashers. Washing dishes by hand is the worst. You can’t change my mind.
Electric car charging stations. According to Car and Driver, U.S. electric car registrations increased 60 percent in the first quarter of 2022. If your residents don’t have a way to charge them, those cars become expensive paperweights in your parking lot. Speaking of…
Ample parking. I was wrong about doing dishes. Parallel parking is actually the worst.
Easy access to bags for pet waste. You wanted unsexy amenities? Well, there’s nothing unsexier than this. Everyone is supposed to pick up after their pets. But sometimes you are out for a quick walk and forget to bring a bag. And since 42 percent of renters own a pet, for the good of the community, and the bottoms of everyone’s shoes, it would be a real benefit to have easily accessible pet waste bags and garbage cans around the property.
What other unsexy amenities will attract renters? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Post your comments on our Facebook page or send a tweet to @MHNOnline or @jfiur.

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