10 Important Fall Jobs for Property Managers

There’s a lot to do to prepare properties for the new season. Are you ready?

Image courtesy of Yardi Breeze

As much as we love autumn, we’re less thrilled about the extra property maintenance that comes with the leafy clutter. But no matter how you feel about it, there’s plenty of work to do at your properties! These are some of the most important fall maintenance jobs property managers need to take care of before winter.

1. Let your residents know what to expect

It’s always a good idea to let your community know when extra noise and maintenance may be going on — the earlier, the better. And due to the pandemic, there’s a good chance you have more people working from home. That means they might be exposed to noises and distractions that usually go on while they’re away at work. 

If you’re stepping up your fall maintenance, use Yardi Breeze to send an email to your residents. Let them know what’s going on, what days and times they can expect extra noise in the neighborhood and how long you think it will last.

Remember to build value when you’re communicating anything to a resident. In other words, explain why you’re doing maintenance and how the community will benefit. (Be specific!)

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