WinDoor Rolls Out Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Lock

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The luxury front door from PGT Innovations enables homeowners to get inside and secure their domiciles without using a key, in a new application of the Internet of Things.

WinDoor smart lock. Image courtesy of PGT Innovations

PGT Innovations’ WinDoor brand has introduced a luxury front door that offers “smart” keyless entry, a multi-point lock and impact resistance. The locking system allows homeowners to enter without a key, via handle sets that can be controlled using Bluetooth technology, a smartphone app or a key fob.

The Bluetooth function enables residents to remotely lock and unlock the door when in range. Homeowners can also share and withdraw access authorization using eKeys. When the lock is activated, multiple bolts are engaged to secure the impact-resistant door panel into the frame. The high-end lock, available in multiple styles, is manufactured by door hardware provider Baldwin.

The product will be sold on WinDoor’s Estate Entrances website. WinDoor provides high-performance, impact-resistant windows and doors that are used in luxury resort and condo properties as well as single-family mansions. Smart locks are among the tech-enabled products that are being rapidly adopted by American homeowners to automate the living experience.

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