Why Property Managers Should Blog

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See how adding a blog to your community’s website can make a difference in your apartment marketing strategy.

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Whether you’re running an established property management company or you’re just starting your business in this multifamily sector, apartment marketing is no easy work. It requires creativity and a multitude of tools to build and maintain brand awareness and pave the way to success. And simple digital campaigns designed to attract prospects and retain existing residents in an ever-competitive rental market might just not be enough.  

Case in point: you’ve already invested in an appealing website that offers all the relevant information about the property or properties you manage. Most probably, your website was built using the same template the majority of apartment websites use. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but do you really want your website to just exist out there on the big World Wide Web? Or do you want to build a vibrant community around it—one that would bring together residents and also serve as a magnet for apartment hunters?

How about starting a blog?

A friendly “hello”

A blog can add that dynamic touch to your website, which on its own can pass on as functional but basic. Competition is fierce in the multifamily industry, and property owners and managers need to stand out from their competitors in order to engage with, retain and attract residents. But sometimes they fail to develop a friendly relationship with online users who land on their community websites. And here is where community blogs make all the difference.

A blog attached to your company’s website helps spur conversations with your residents. It enhances the feeling of belonging to a community and even makes the rented apartments feel cozier and more like home. Regular posts help build a trusting relationship with existing residents and prospects alike. A well-maintained blog serves as an online space where property managers and owners can personalize their services and demonstrate what makes them stand out from their competitors. To put it shortly: A blog is technology’s human touch.

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Great ideas for blog posts can be found anywhere, but for a well-maintained community blog you should stick to what’s relevant for multifamily residents. Here are a few content ideas centered on providing both renters and apartment hunters with inspiration for their needs:

  • News, updates and changes within the community;
  • Planned community events;
  • Resident satisfaction surveys;
  • Quick tours of the resident web portal;
  • Tips for efficient apartment living;
  • DIY, organizing and interior decor posts;
  • Reviews of dining and entertainment venues near the community;
  • Guest posts by residents.

Multifamily owners and managers should see blog posts as an extension of the property’s website that’s always available, fun and free of charge. Having a blog attached to the community’s website and updating it regularly is a way of showing that you’ve gone the extra mile to create a more meaningful connection with the residents—especially in challenging times when communication is king.

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A well-maintained blog will also have a positive impact on the more technical aspects of your business, such as search engine optimization digital marketing campaigns. For example, sharing links from pages within your website will boost your presence in Google searches, generating more traffic for the said website and ultimately helping you attract more renters.

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Having a blog means there is an opportunity for others to share the link. This creates the potential for viral traffic and exponential market growth. With the plethora of social media platforms available now, your posts can be shared and reshared in multiple places, which makes the blog itself an extremely valuable marketing tool.

Keep in mind that Google and other search engines like original content and new posts boost your community higher up in search results. In order to keep that wheel rolling, you need to be consistent with posting. Make sure you create a blog content calendar, share it with your team and stick to it as part of your digital marketing strategy. It will save you time and help your in-house writers or contributors keep track of all the moving parts at any given time.

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