‘What Renters Want’ with Jessica Fiur: Why You Should Steal the Coca Cola Marketing Plan for Your Apartment Community

The "Share a Coke" marketing plan is genius. You should use some aspects of it when marketing your community.

jfiur_infocusBy Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor

You’ve definitely seen the new Coca Cola marketing plan: The bottles say “Share a [Diet] Coke [Zero] with” and then they have a name. Have you found your name? I did, and even though it’s not an uncommon name I got  excited and made sure that I bought that bottle. Then I took a picture of it and uploaded it to Instagram. So not only was I excited about a product, I also shared it on social media. Look at that: Coca Cola made money, increased brand awareness and started a conversation about their product…all by putting some random names on their bottles. And I’m sure I’m not the only one–it was the whole purpose of the campaign, which is called, fittingly, “Share a Coke.”


You totally need to steal this idea for your apartment marketing campaign.

For instance, is there a cool, unique feature in your community that residents or prospective residents could take a picture in front of? Point it out on tours, include it in communications to residents, give a hashtag (include the name of the community in this), and encourage residents to take a picture in front of it and share it on social media. Monitor that hashtag and the pictures for interaction, and to jump in with your own comments about how awesome it is for people to be sharing it.

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