What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: Whole Foods is Getting a Tattoo Parlor. Should Multifamily?

Should multifamily specifically target Millennials?

jfiur thumbnailPeople aren’t shopping at Whole Foods as much as they used to, and profits are down. (Insert “Whole Paycheck” joke here. Actually, don’t. You’re better than that. We’re all better than that.)

So 365, a new grocery chain, is aiming to be a more affordable, “one-stop shop”  version of its parent company Whole Foods. (Ahem, aimed at Millennials, ahem.) Which means, including lower-priced groceries, there will be areas for record shops (records? OK, whatever) and possibly even tattoo parlors.

While clearly pandering to Millennials, is this also sort of genius? Maybe not sanitary to get a tattoo around fresh produce, but genius nonetheless?

Tattoos are extremely popular now. People need to eat. And making more than one trip is not green and is also a pain. So why not?

Should multifamily get in on the action? (I’m thinking for mixed-use apartments, by the way, not to have a tattoo parlor in the lobby as a resident amenity.)

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