What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: The 8 Types of Residents You’ll See at a Community Event

Recognize any of these residents? (In handy GIF form!)

jfiur thumbnailEvents at apartments are great. They really make people feel like they are living in a community, which can lead to resident retention and good word of mouth, not to mention some great photo opportunities that you can later use on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels you use to market your apartment community. But, no matter the event, be it ice cream social, Super Bowl party, barbeque or margarita water slides (the magical event in my dreams), you’ll see the same types of people show up.

Here are the eight types of residents you’ll see at a community event.

1. The person who really doesn’t want to be the first one there.


2. The super-into-it resident.


3. The wallflower who wants to participate but is shy/doesn’t know anyone.


4. The parents who brought their kids.

wally world

5. The kids who brought their parents.


6. The person who’s clearly just there for the free booze/candy/booze-candy (is that a thing? Because I want it).


7. The resident who helps you clean up after.


8. The resident who “helps” you clean up after.

breaking bad

Do you agree with these? Who else do you see at your resident events?

-Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor

All gifs are from giphy.com.

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