What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: Property Management Problems Taylor Swift Should Fix

After the Apple Music debacle, we should use Taylor Swift when we have property management issues. Because Band-Aids don't fix picture frame holes.

jfiur_infocusBy Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor

Is there anything a pop star can’t do?

Taylor Swift recently took on Apple Music, and won. Apparently, Apple was not going to pay its artists for three months, when customers would be in a trial period. So Swift wrote them an open letter, decrying the policy, and asking that artists get paid for their work. Apple agreed, and is changing their policy.

Taylor Swift was right (and woe be it to anyone who disagrees).

Wouldn’t it be great if Taylor Swift could be our property management champion, contacting problem residents or difficult vendors?

Here are some property management issues that we wish Taylor Swift could fix for us:

  • When residents don’t pay their rent on time.
  • When residents don’t follow the community rules, such as not putting down carpet to muffle noise or not cleaning up after their dogs.
  • When residents don’t tell you right away that they’re not renewing, so you’re stuck with a vacancy.
  • When residents leave their unit smelling like stale cigarettes and there’s broken appliances and holes in the walls.

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