‘What Renters Want’ with Jessica Fiur: Holiday Tipping at Apartment Communities

Tipping can sometimes be awkward for residents. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

By Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor

It’s holiday season, which means that many residents may decide to give tips to apartment community employees.

Many apartment community employees deserve these tips. And many residents are more than happy to give in recognition and thanks for their hard work during the year. It’s just that the whole tip-giving process could end up being awkward for residents. How much should people give? Whom should they tip—for example, what if there are four usual doormen, but a resident only typically interacts with two?

There are some ways to make tipping easier for residents. For example, the property management could send out a community-wide memo with a list of all the employees.

Read on for other suggestions.

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