‘What Renters Want’ with Jessica Fiur: Can Your Leasing Agents Have Visible Tattoos?

Many people, especially members of Gen Y, now have tattoos. What's your dress code policy for your leasing agents?

By Jessica Fiur, News Editor

Tattoos are pretty mainstream now—36 percent of adults currently have at least one tattoo. And that includes a big chunk of Gen Y. So, chances are, at least some of your leasing agents and other resident-facing employees have tattoos.

Have you adjusted your employee dress code to reflect this?

What do you require of your leasing agents? Do you only hire employees with no visible tattoos? A lot of the real estate industry is based on appearances—nice looking apartments, beautiful facilities, etc. And for Class A, luxury communities, the brand that owners might want to represent is a more classic, streamlined look, which might extend beyond the actual property to how the employees present themselves to potential renters.

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