What Not to Do as a Broker

Are you doing anything that could be turning off potential renters?

By Jessica Fiur, News Editor

Recently I helped my brother look for an apartment in Manhattan. We used a broker, and while the apartment she showed us was great, and the building had amazing amenities, we were immediately turned off because of the broker’s indifference towards us. And it probably cost her a commission.

Your brokers do represent your company’s brand. They give renters their fist glimpse into how you operate (or at least how they perceive you operating). Are your brokers up to snuff?

Here are some of the things this broker did that might have cost her a potential renter. (And, yes, vacancy rates are low right now for multifamily, but  in an age where absolutely everything is scrutinized on social media and everyone comments and ranks all of their experiences, do you really want to risk bad press?)

Read what not to do as a broker here.

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