What Kind of Property Manager Are You Based on Your Zoom Background?

A totally non-scientific, non-informative look into what kind of property manager you are based on your Zoom background. Which are you?

Jessica Fiur, Managing Editor

Jessica Fiur, Managing Editor

It’s been a week… (Month… Year… Won’t 2020 end already?)

We’re all stressed. A lot of us are still working from home.

While we might be all feeling some virtual meeting fatigue, there are some positives, like seeing people, stripped of their suits and business attire (not literally) and formal office setting, in their natural habitats. It’s fascinating to see how people really live!

When people, especially multifamily professionals are getting on their virtual calls, they often put some thought into what their coworkers and residents are seeing.

We can all use a laugh now. Let’s have a fun Friday activity. Did you know you can tell a lot about a person—and what kind of property manager they are—by looking at their Zoom backgrounds?* Let’s explore! Which property manager are you?

Bookcase: Bookcases were popular to have in the background during virtual calls for awhile, along with VERY IMPORTANT books, to show that you are a serious person. But, months later, the trend is kind of waning. So if you still have a bookcase in the background, you’re probably a by-the-book (ha!) property manager. You give notices and fines when residents don’t follow their lease terms. And you’re slow to try out new amenities until you can prove the ROI. (“Sure, smart technology sounds good, but why don’t we stick with tennis courts for now. People love tennis!”)

Blurry background: Do you blur your background during meetings? You probably take your job seriously. If there is an issue in the leasing office or with the maintenance team—sites are down, someone called out sick, etc.—you figure out the problem without letting the residents know there is an issue.

Curated art: Ooh, you’re the boss! Good for you.

Plants: You have a nurturing side. You’re the one renters go to if there’s a problem, of if they want to just have a friendly conversation. (This is obviously the opposite if the plants are cacti.)

Messy house with kids/pets running around: You got your priorities, and you know that people are dealing with turbulent times. You work with your residents to make sure they aren’t having trouble paying rent. And you go out of your way to help—perhaps at the beginning of the pandemic you went grocery shopping for elderly renters.

Beach/Golden Gate Bridge/digital background: You’re the kooky one! I bet you plan the best resident events and promotions—virtual book clubs, food trucks, community-wide socially distanced scavenger hunts? Awesome. (Oh, and you totally fooled everyone—they really thought you were calling in from the beach, you scamp!)

Camera turned off: This meeting is going to be quick, because as a property manager you wear multiple hats and need to get back to taking care of the community. Also, you might have forgotten to wash your hair.

Did I miss any? Which property manager are you? Post your comments on our Facebook page or send a tweet to @MHNOnline or @jfiur.

*No. No, you can’t. But it’s nice to have some fun once in a while. Especially now.

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