On Demand Webinar: From Floorplan to Furnishings

Learn how to maximize your ROI with the micro and co-living market discussion. MHN and Resource Furniture discuss innovation with Ollie Co-Founder Chris Bledsoe.

It’s 2018, and the housing industry has been disrupted – the world just doesn’t know it yet. Micro-apartments and co-living developments are fast becoming the new normal. Where is this happening? Why should you care? And how can you maximize your resources and your ROI with these game-changing typologies? Now is your chance to get the answers.


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Chris Bledsoe, Co-Founder of Ollie, the pre-eminent co-living brand will speak about market innovation and disruption, financial considerations when building micro and co-living projects, plus offer a sneak peek into Ollie’s latest venture, Alta+, a 43-story residential tower now in the leasing phase, featuring 2- and 3-bedroom micro suites and 27,000 square feet of amenity space. Challie Stillman, Design Director at Resource Furniture will highlight the critical design decisions that can make or break a micro or co-living project; and Steve Spett, Co-Founder of Resource Furniture, who will discuss the often-overlooked importance of logistics when planning a large-scale furnished project.


Christopher Bledsoe
Co-Founder & CEO

Steve Spett
Resource Furniture

Challie Stillman
Design Director
Resource Furniture


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