Wall-Hung Toilets

Create a slick look while saving both space and water.

08_Happy_D_2The wall-hung toilet is an elegant space-saving solution for the modern apartment. These fixtures can save up to two square feet of space in a bathroom and can even be mounted back-to-back, truly an ingenious solution for the multifamily sector.

The introduction of wall-hung toilets into the North American market nearly 20 years ago by Duravit (supplier of the sanitary ceramic) and Geberit (which provides the concealed tanks and carrier systems) has been met with great success. In response, DuravitDarlingNew_085 has updated its offering with five new models spread between the DuraStyle and Happy D.2 lines. As with all Duravit wall-hung toilets, the new additions are WaterSense approved and feature Geberit’s dual-flush enabled system.

“At Duravit, we do not compromise style for function,” says Tim Schroeder, president at Duravit USA. “Our wall-hung toilets showcase just how robust Duravit’s product lines are: encompassing sleek design, environmental consideration, and tech innovation.”

If the weight of the end user is a concern, rest assured that the Geberit DuraStyle_04wall-hung carrier supports up to 880 pounds. Duravit’s wall-hung toilets are adaptable and can be customized to sit between 15” and 19” to comply with ADA requirements. The dual-flush technology can also help your building cut back on water use, as the effective 1.1 gallons per flush is over 16 percent more efficient than the 1.28 gallons per flush standard set by the EPA’s mandate for high efficiency toilet performance.

—Mike Ratliff, Senior Associate Editor

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