Using Smart Access to Secure Community Spaces

Smart access solutions provide managers with control and provide residents with a convenient and secure way to access common areas.

After so many years apart, it’s good to see multifamily communities coming together confidently.

Once again, residents are venturing into shared spaces to enjoy pools, gyms, recreation rooms, and event spaces. In sync, managers are again showcasing community amenities as valuable property selling points. Sharing is replacing distancing. Desire for community is returning.

While it’s good to see common areas in use again, securing these
spaces remains a top priority for property managers and residents alike. Common area access technology can effectively address security concerns, making it possible for managers to offer their residents valuable shared amenities, while simultaneously safeguarding those assets.

Smart access is achieved by installing an on-site touch panel that functions as a “smart lock” which is opened with codes, not keys. The panel can be programmed remotely, either from a desktop portal or a mobile app.

Using this type of smart technology solution, a manager can establish secure authorizations regarding who can access a shared space and when. More advanced smart access solutions provide managers with that level of control and also provide residents with a convenient and secure way to access common areas.

Rently’s Access Panel 3 offers both managers and residents a secure and streamlined smart access solution for multifamily common areas. It can be easily installed and smoothly integrated with management software.

Rently’s common area access panel product also offers the added benefit of connecting to Rently’s self-guided touring solution so rental prospects can be provided access to view common area amenities when they are first visiting a property.

Once installed, Rently’s Access Panel 3 solution allows managers to assign entry privileges to specific groups, i.e. residents, leasing staff, maintenance vendors, or touring renters. Each member of a group is sent an “invitation” to receive a pre-programmed fob or personalized code that will allow them entry to a shared space. Rently’s access panel can hold a combination of 2,000 codes and fobs.

In addition, after accepting the invitation, which confirms and tracks their account in the manager’s system, residents can also use their mobile app to create temporary entry codes for their guests. All the while, managers can view an updated, comprehensive activity log and maintain control over the hours a shared space can be accessed. No codes will work outside of those hours.

Rently’s Access Panel 3 is a popular extension of Rently’s complete smart home technology portfolio. As with other Rently smart home products, no Wi-Fi is needed thanks to a connection to our tri-band cellular Hub. The access panel can be located up to 30 feet away from the Hub.

For additional information about Rently’s common area Access Panel 3, please read our blog or schedule a demo.

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