Upgrading Your Value-Add Marketing Strategy

In the latest episode of our Multifamily’s Top Marketers podcast, Morgan Properties’ Jillian Fikkert outlines how to gauge your strategy’s effectiveness and how an interconnected team can make all the difference.

Jillian Fikkert. Image courtesy of Morgan Properties

Jillian Fikkert, director of property marketing at Morgan Properties, talks with Multi-Housing News Senior Associate Editor Jeff Hamann to nail down how to effectively monitor and evaluate your multifamily marketing strategy. Fikkert possesses nearly 20 years of experience in real estate marketing from across the commercial real estate spectrum, including roles both within and outside of the multifamily industry. 

Fikkert takes a deep dive into comprehensively understanding your communities’ and your residents’ needs, going beyond simple metrics. With Morgan Properties’ portfolio topping 90,000 units nationally, this can be a tricky process. But, with the company so heavily focused in value-add acquisitions, it’s essential to get right. Even something as fundamental as a resident questionnaire can be improved to provide better and clearer insights: Fikkert mentions that gamifying surveys led to more engaged residents in the feedback process.

In the latest episode of our Multifamily’s Top Marketers podcast, Fikkert also mentions how the interconnectedness of a marketing team within your organization can be one of its greatest strengths—provided, of course, that your team’s functions and capabilities are widely understood. Don’t forget to follow MHN’s podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

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