TransitScreen Displays Real-Time Info for TODs

The digital display provides residents with local transit information, including the nearest transit stops, how long it will take to walk there and when the next transportation option will arrive.

By Mallory Bulman

transitscreenAs more people are flocking to urban areas, developers are increasingly looking to build in convenient transit-oriented locations. With transit-oriented developments (TODs) come the challenges of residents depending on public transit to get where they need to go. TransitScreen is a technology intended to provide information to building occupants while encouraging the green practice of eschewing cars.

TransitScreen is a real-time display of transportation and arrival data, curated for a property’s specific location and showing the nearest transit stops, how long it will take to walk there, and when the next transit will arrive. All types of transportation are integrated, including subways, buses, bike share, ride share, car share, ferries, and street cars.

In addition to real-time transit information, TransitScreen supports:

  • Messaging: a designated section of the screen that management can control to post pertinent announcements for community members
  • Badging: capability to show off any LEED, ENERGY STAR, BREEAM, BOMA360 or Walk Score designations
  • TransitScreen GO: a mobile version of the technology that residents can access on their personal devices

TransitScreen integrates with a number of existing digital signage products (like Cisco, Infocentral, TouchSource and more), but if a property does not have digital signage, the company will provide a media player that can be plugged into any TV for quick and convenient setup.

TransitScreens can also be customized with community logos, local private shuttle information and a choice of background colors. TransitScreen is a high-tech amenity that sets a community apart during the leasing process and adds convenience to residents’ everyday lives. 

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