Top 5 Summer Community Events

These kinds of gatherings bring residents together during the upcoming hot season. Try these if you’re a property manager and see how they impact resident retention.

Image courtesy of Eric Nopanen via Unsplash

With all that lease writing and maintenance requests coordinating, you might forget that resident satisfaction is important, too. Summer is just around the corner and your residents’ happiness does not just depend on the weather. A dynamic, well-organized event can not only contribute to building up a strong community but also boost resident satisfaction.

More resident engagement fosters good relationships between neighbors, which can ultimately benefit your renewal rate as renters tend to think twice before moving out of an apartment that is next to their best friend’s. Here are a few ideas that you can adapt and implement at your community in order to increase resident retention.

Food is always a good idea

Throw a stress-free party by bringing food trucks to your community. Get in touch with local food trucks and invite them over. Add some music and free meal vouchers and you create a delightful weekend. From street-style tacos to vegan desserts, you can have them all. Crowds will gravitate around their favorite vendors, and you’ll reap the rewards.   

Pool party with kids’ favorite characters

Make the most of having a pool at your community. Parents are happy when their kids are having a great time, so what better way to put a smile on a kid’s face than organizing a rendezvous with their favorite movie or cartoon character? Invite Batman, Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell or Sheriff Woody over for a lemonade with the kids. They’ll have a blast! Not to mention that you’re sure to get a flood of fun images on your social media channels.  

Show some pet love

Pets are considered members of the family, so if you put them in the limelight, success is guaranteed. Use the bark park and bring treats or refreshments for all pets and their human companions. This is a great way for animals to make new friends and for your residents to socialize and meet fellow pet lovers. To make it amusing, you can even organize a costume contest for cats and dogs.

Chase the stars

If you’re looking for something a little more peaceful and silent, a star-gazing event might be right for you. Scatter telescopes and binoculars in your community’s green areas for people to sit back and watch the stars. You can even put out signs with interesting facts about outer space—such as the first animal to go to space or how much a full NASA space suit costs.

Involve the staff  

Showing your residents you care about their well being can sometimes mean that you need to get dirty. Dusty summer days have an unpleasant effect on your residents’ cars, for example. Bring all your staff and host a car wash run by the site team. It’s a useful and fun way to get to know your residents better while also solving a pretty time-consuming problem. Don’t forget to include snacks and beverages!

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