Tiles to Muffle Noise

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Topo Tiles use recycled materials and an innovative sculptural design to add texture and visual interest to a room while also maximizing sound absorption.

By Mallory Bulman

Barcode tiles
Barcode tiles

While sharing walls is an inherent byproduct of living in a multifamily community, it can present problems when noisy pets, children or people disrupt other residents. Materials company Kirei has developed a series of modular wall and ceiling tiles that absorb sound as well as add visual interest to a surface. Topo Tiles add a 3-D texture to walls while muffling outside sound. Topo Tiles use both soft materials and different thicknesses within single tiles to maximize sound control. 

The tiles are available in 20 color selections and two elevated styles: Pixel and Barcode. The Pixel design measures 10 inches by 10 inches and offers 36 percent layer coverage per tile. Pixel’s geometric design allows users to stagger or rotate tiles to create a custom design. Barcode tiles measure 15.5 inches in length and 7.75 inches in width and can also moved or aligned to create different patterns. Its 45 percent layered coverage offers additional sound absorption and

Pixel tile
Pixel tile


Every tile is 60 percent composed of recycled plastic and 100 percent PET plastic, meaning they can be recycled after use and contribute to LEED green building credits. 

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