The Smart Home Tech Residents Want

Here are the smart home tech features residents from across the country say are their top choices.

Image via Pixabay

In this month’s partnership with Kingsley Associates, residents share their raves and complaints about smart technology—from smart home thermostats to USB outlets—in their apartments and communities.

“I think the fact that you don’t have an option to opt out of the amenities (smart home, internet, cable, etc) is unfortunate.” –Salt Lake City, Utah

“More directions to the smart home features upon move-in. I still don’t think my thermostat is working properly and I randomly found out about ButterflyMX from a fellow resident.” –Minneapolis, Minn.

“Creating a more green sustainable building by adding charges for electric cars, a recyclable plan per floor.. bulbs that are eco-friendly and possibly smart thermostats.” –Coral Gables, Fla.

“Built in speakers in the living room, smart thermostat, USB outlets, opt-in/out amenities that are charged accordingly (i.e. you pay only for what you use).” –Wayne, N.J.

“Sound proofing walls. Smart thermostats. Make high speed building wide internet available as an option.” –Denver, Colo.

“We have a Haiku fan that is connected to another tenant’s wi-fi and they have access to out fan/lighting so it turns on/off randomly.” –Seattle, Wash.

“I would like to see a greater utilization of technology based applications. The web portal appears to have the capabilities of storing documents. It would be great to see signed documentation (rental agreements, addendums, etc.) upon signing into the Resident Portal.” –Palm Harbor, Fla.

“Remote thermostat technology. My thermostat is currently located behind the TV and very inconvenient. Dishwasher, washer, and dryer could be better. They are not very efficient.” –Corpus Christi, Texas.

“If all of the technology services were setup prior to my move in, that would’ve made the move a lot better.” –Binghampton, N.Y.

“I am not a fan of the Internet/Cable technology package. I have had a lot of issues with the internet and although it’s been resolved now, I would have preferred to have my own service. Not a dealbreaker :)” –Tampa, Fla.

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