The Health and Wellness Amenities Residents Want

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From white noise machines in the hallways to yoga by the pool, residents sound off on the kinds of health and wellness amenities they'd like in their community.

This month’s partnership with MHN and Kingsley Associates explored what kinds of health and wellness amenities residents wish for in their communities, with answers ranging from white noise machines in hallways to yoga by the pool.

“I’d like accommodation for people to get back and forth to the grocery store. It would also be nice to have a vegetable man come out here with vegetables, produce, and fruit.” —Atlanta, Ga.

“It’d be great to have meditation classes or yoga that includes a meditation component. I would also like more intellectually rigorous educational sessions scheduled. I have two graduate degrees and often find many current offerings to be quite boring. Other residents have expressed similar views.” —Austin, Texas

“Rooftop decks are usually the second thing I consider when moving into a new apartment. Also a gardening space / plot would 100 percent draw me to their apartments. Again, it is about being able to connect with nature in all aspects, while I am still renting.” —Bellevue, Wash.

“I enjoy the opportunities for community building and well-being: yoga by the pool is such a great idea, and social events once a month are great. The staff is helpful, responsive, and patient with me when I ask questions they’ve answered before.” —Charlotte, N.C.

“I would like white noise machines in halls, reflective finishes or stickers on windows to reflect light for super sunny days, and A/C in the bedroom. Additionally, it’d be convenient to have a communal “mud room” to wash things like bikes, an area to plant vegetables, and organic treats in the lobby.” —Portland, Ore.

“I want to use the treadmill at 5:00 AM before I go to work — doing this ensures I will actually get in a weight-bearing exercise. Not being able to do this affects my overall health. I don’t like that this isn’t available in my building, so I plan to look for an alternative residence.” —Woodridge, Ill.

“There needs to be some type of cleaner or sanitizer for the fitness center along with regular dusting. This can helpful prevent the spread of illness and germs. As well as promote a cleaner and healthier fitness environment.” —Raleigh, N.C.

“I wouldn’t mind an organized yoga class or swimming group to get a sense of community with some of the other residents.” —Charleston, S.C.

“I would like our residence to expand the workout equipment they offer and add additional fitness classes. It would be great if they added a heavy punching bag and a spin class.” —Wheaton, Ill.

“The only amenity I would like that is not offered is a small plot with irrigation in which I may grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables. I have seen this at some other high rises in the area.”—Houston, Texas

“We are new and it is hard to think of anything to improve upon. We do miss being able to compost our vegetables. If there is ever any interest in doing bin composting (which is very clean and odor free if done right, we’d be happy to help!).” —Chicago, Ill.

“We would like the community events to include foods for people with dietary restrictions (i.e. vegan and gluten free).” —Aurora, Colo.

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