Tech-Savvy Communities

Apartment residents share what works—and what doesn’t.

Are your apartment communities tech-savvy? Many residents expect their apartments to meet their various technology requirements, whether it be communication with management through social media, being able to choose their cable provider online, or having Wi-Fi access in common areas. This month, MHN teamed up with research and consulting services firm Kingsley Associates to ask residents about the technology in their apartment communities—and what they think is lacking.

❝    New tenants should be advised that depending on the location of their unit they may not be able to get the cable provider of their choice. ❞
—Birmingham, Ala.

❝    Look into an online management system for the washer
and dryers so that people can be notified when their laundry is done. ❞
—Charlotte, N.C.

❝    I especially like the front office’s use of Facebook and email to keep residents updated on what’s going on in the community (for example, power outages).❞
—Middletown, Conn.

❝    Setting up cable and Internet service prior to moving in would be helpful. I had to wait over two weeks to get set up. ❞
 —Pasadena, Calif.

❝    Community WiFi access would be a really
nice feature. ❞

❝    I’m very upset about my phone and Internet connection. It was never communicated to me that this complex has no reception, and now I have to incur huge expenses because of it. ❞
—Melrose, Mass.

❝    The resident portal could be more efficient if it allowed for payments on the rental units to be paid partially, rather than all or nothing. This would drastically help those that have roommates and travel a lot, allowing for an easier transaction between the tenants. ❞
—Charlotte, N.C.

❝    I don’t care about social networking sites—it’s the community’s website that matters to me. ❞
—Washington, D.C.

❝    My apartment has horrible cell phone reception. In the day and age where folks are using their cell phones more, this is a huge problem for me. I have to stand in one or two spots of my apartment just to send a text or receive a phone call. ❞
—Alexendria, Va.

❝    The business center Internet and printer seems to be out of service a large percentage of the time. ❞
—Jersey City, N.J.

❝    The ability to pay rent online would be fantastic! ❞

❝    I’m disappointed in the limited availability of technology due to the building’s contractual obligations. It’s difficult to leverage a connected lifestyle. ❞

❝    When I’ve communicated with the management team over Facebook, if it’s something complimentary they were very happy. But if had a concern, then the apartment manager would immediately ask me to stop using Facebook saying that Facebook is only for publicity. ❞
—Woburn, Mass.

❝    The Internet does not meet my expectations and makes it incredibly difficult to work from home or have video chats with family in other states. ❞
—S. Orange, N.J.

❝    I do not like having limited options for cable and Internet service. ❞
 —Jacksonville, Fla.

❝    If they could get the cable hooked up in the gym that would be great. ❞
—San Mateo, Calif.

❝    Can we get a Facebook page set up for the community? A previous community I lived at had a Facebook page and it was really useful for the residents to learn about community news and get to know each other. ❞

❝    I do wish management could provide wireless Internet throughout the building. I would be glad to pay $10-20 more per month for this service.❞

Resident feedback from Kingsley Associates

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