Tattoo Stigma in Multifamily

Would you hire someone with body art at your community? Even though more and more people have tattoos, appearances might still make a difference to hiring managers. Here's why.

We’ve all heard the banter between folks when discussing their tattoos. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard or said, “I was young and dumb” in reference to tattoos. I sometimes feel this way about mine, as they’re quite visible on my hands and arms. I had them done during my stint as a world traveler, not thinking I’d find myself in the corporate world, wearing long sleeves and rings to cover my teenage rebellion’s lasting mistakes. I’ve been lucky enough to develop business relationships without my tattoos acting as a barrier, however this isn’t the case for some. We all know that Millennials are changing the game by promoting a more casual approach to work and with their take-over of nearly 40 percent of the job force, I foresee big changes in corporate standards.

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