Sunflare Panels Power From Dusk to Dawn

Manufacturing the lightweight solar modules entails an eco-friendly and energy-efficient process.

Sunflare PowerFit 20. Image courtesy of Sunflare

Sunflare has debuted its PowerFit 20 solar panels for metal standing seam roofs. The thin, 60-watt panels can be configured to any length. The panels are made with Copper, Indium, Gallium and Selenide and are secure enough to withstand gale-force winds.

PowerFit panels will deliver more energy than traditional solar roofs because the individual cells have bypass diodes that prevent the entire panel from losing energy when one individual cell is shaded. This feature allows the panels to produce more energy at dawn and dusk.

The solar panels don’t use glass and can be installed without aluminum racking. Manufacturing the modules entails an eco-friendly and energy-efficient process, which only generates 10 percent of the emissions that silicon panels produce from birth to installation. At the end of the process, materials from the manufacturing stage are recycled, including water, which is cleaned and reused.

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