Snap Session: The State of the Young American Renter

Grubb Properties’ Todd Williams discusses the resilient essential housing market, offering insights on renter trends, demographics and ROI potential.

Young, working age adults need affordable housing options. But according to a new national survey, their priorities, preferences and financial concerns are different than those of previous renters. Millennial and Gen Z renters want to live on their own, but with rising rents, inflation and a fluctuating economy, that can be difficult to afford.

Meanwhile, construction material costs have challenged developers’ capacity to fulfill demand. This pent-up demand creates an underappreciated opportunity to pursue strategies that make investment in the essential housing asset class attractive.

Join MHN and Grubb Properties for a free, information-packed webinar on this underestimated market. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The findings of Grubb Properties’ renter survey
  • The essential housing segment and why it’s considered such a resilient asset class
  • The unique needs of residents in their 20s and 30s
  • What demographic factors are driving opportunities for essential housing
  • The ROI potential that makes this sector a sought-after investment

To learn more, read this complimentary white paper from Grubb Properties.

Our Panel:
Todd Williams
Chief Investment Officer
Grubb Properties
Paul Rosta, MHN
Paul Rosta
Executive Editor
Multi-Housing News
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