Smart Upgrades to Combat Rising Utility Costs

Learn how innovations in mechanical plumbing for your building are your best weapon against the rising cost of utilities.

Water heating accounts for 20 percent of a building’s energy usage. How can multifamily property managers cut through the clutter and pick smart water heater upgrades that prioritize reducing operational costs?

Experienced Mechanical Engineer and Intellihot Lead Applications Engineer Robert Svidron reviews the latest innovations in water heating that have proven to reduce utility bills in multifamily properties by 40 percent.

In this webinar, Svidron discusses how to:

  1. Identify and install smart water heating systems that adapt to residents’ sporadic hot water usage patterns in real time without wasting energy.
  2. Use AI to help you maintain your set temperature at a micro-second level.
  3. Draw on hot water usage data to avoid paying more for oversize water heating systems while still achieving zero downtime.
  4. Select the ideal set temperature for your master water heating system to balance regulatory compliance, resident safety and satisfaction with up to 22 percent lower utility costs.


Robert Svidron, Lead Applications Engineer, Intellihot
Robert Svidron
Lead Applications Engineer
Jessica Fiur
Jessica Fiur
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