Smart Gas Meter Uses Ultrasonic Measurement

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The new Sonix IQ from Sensus is a compact device that gathers and communicates real-time consumption data on residential buildings.

Sonix IQ. Image courtesy of Xylem

Sensus, a Xylem brand, has introduced a smart gas meter for residential buildings that features precise ultrasonic measurement, integrated communications and remote management. The new Sonix IQ is a compact device that gathers real-time consumption data and sends and receives data via the company’s FlexNet communication network.

The smart meter uses digital technology for highly precise measurement and stores 90 days of hourly data. In comparison to legacy metering systems, the device allows for more timely data collection, cathodic protection monitoring, pressure monitoring and remote shutoff.

The Sonix IQ has a 20-year battery life. The solid-state device, which has no moving parts to replace over time, is about half the size of a traditional mechanical meter, measuring 7.9 inches (height) by 9.9 inches (width) by 4.4 inches (depth). One meter size serves both the 250 CFH and 400 CFH class options.

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