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Before satisfying the more ancillary needs and desires your residents may have, providing adequate security is a priority that cannot be overlooked.

By Philip Shea, Associate Editor

Before satisfying the more ancillary needs and desires your residents may have, providing adequate security is a priority that cannot be overlooked. The ability of residents to return home without apprehension is perhaps the most valuable product a manager can provide, and a simple range of products can achieve this with great effect.

In addition to providing security to the outside of a resident’s unit, there might also be a need for interior security for individual bedrooms or storage areas. A Smartcode Lever from Kwikset is the perfect solution to this need, coming fully equipped with a keypad and traditional lock, as well as Kwikset’s unique Home Connect technology—allowing residents to lock or unlock their doors via a mobile device and keep track of who accesses these respective spaces. This state-of-the-art device comes with a one-year electronics warranty (

Electronic locks are becoming an increasingly popular product in multifamily, as they provide a level of versatility and flexibility that traditional locks cannot. Schlage’s FE210F is a computer-managed, iButton®-operated lock that allows owners and managers to easily change access times and houses reporting capabilities that include date- and time-stamped access information. The lock can also be rekeyed via Schlage’s SMS Express software when residents move out (

For a wide-range, comprehensive solution to your property’s security needs, SAFLOK’s System 6000™ is a package that deserves fair attention. This state-of-the-art product incorporates a Windows-based access audit system that monitors the use and ownership of resident keycards, while also integrating point-of-sale (POS) and other third-party applications. If versatility is what you value, look no further than this (

In addition to providing security for the overall community, each resident needs peace of mind with regard to his/her own space. The SimpliSafe Apartment Security System is an all-in-one package equipped with a keypad alarm system, motion sensors, entry sensors, a panic button and keychain remote. This product will no doubt leave tenants with the impression that their community values their safety (

One of the most vulnerable areas for residents and visitors alike lies not inside a building, but on the outside. Parking lots are common hotspots for theft and even more serious crimes, and providing security in such an area is paramount to giving your residents a sense of safety and calm overall. An emergency phone tower from Rath Security is a great way to achieve this, as it provides an emergency communication system as well as optional features such as camera surveillance and a speakerphone. The 9-foot tower is weather-resistant, solar-powered and comes with a two-year warranty

One of the cornerstones of security for any property in modern times is video and audio surveillance, and Peace of Mind (POM) Technologies LLC provides state-of-the-art equipment to satisfy this need, as well as a host of supplemental technologies. From whole-apartment video to intercom systems and access control, this company has everything to help you achieve comprehensive and reliable surveillance (

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