Riaz Taplin on the Big Idea Behind Microliving

In this episode of The Lease-Up, the founder & CEO of Riaz Capital discusses why less is more for median-income residents in San Francisco.

Riaz Taplin, Founder & CEO of Riaz Capital.

By maximizing density and functionality, Riaz Capital Founder & CEO Riaz Taplin offers median-income earners in San Francisco a smaller, yet hipper, alternative to traditional workforce units.

MHN Executive Editor Therese Fitzgerald spoke with Taplin about his company’s unique formula for addressing the affordability crisis in San Francisco. Here’s a sample of the topics Taplin covered with MHN:

  • The Microliving Strategy (2:54)
  • Riaz Capital’s Latest Project in Oakland, Calif. (8:56)
  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds and Microliving (12:16)
  • Solar Energy in California (14:54)
  • Improving Conditions for Development (16:34)

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