Respira Harnesses Plant Purification Power

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The smart garden uses an integrated monitor and smartphone app to manage air flow and humidity levels.

Respira Smart Garden. Image courtesy of ADM Landscape Corp.

New Earth Solutions has unveiled Respira, a hydroponic smart garden that uses biofiltration to purify the air. The ecological startup designed the portable unit as a sustainable system that improves air quality, eliminates dry air, enhances sleep and rejuvenates mindfulness.

The Respira unit features a combination of botany and smart technology, and it is equipped with self-watering, -feeding and -lighting mechanisms and other accessories.

Respira uses a patented biofiltration process to retrieve air from the top of the unit and purify it within the device’s biologically active root zone, where organisms consume toxins. After purification, the air is release through the front of the device. Plants are fed by nutrients that need to be restocked every six months.

Units are made from bamboo and sustainably sourced ABS plastic. An optional, reusable pre-filter can be added to aid the plants’ natural filtration abilities. 

The smart garden uses an integrated monitor and a smartphone app to manage water and air temperature, air flow and humidity levels. The unit can be wall mounted or fitted in a planter to blend with different furnishings.

Respira is available in three foliage styles: Pothos, Tropical and Vibrant. Each kit features a different collection of plants.

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