Community Tours, Good and Bad: Residents Speak Out

When it comes to property tours, a positive experience for prospective residents can be the difference between a signed lease and a lost opportunity.

This month’s partnership between MHN and Kingsley Associates revealed what residents liked and what could be improved upon when it comes to community tours.  

“Managerial staff was extremely helpful; answering all of our questions. They took us on a tour explaining all amenities, showed us two units, and did not try to influence our choice. The staff was a major reason for us leasing our new ‘home’ here.” —Phoenix, Ariz.

“There was no way of visiting the apartment I was interested in. There wasn’t even a model available. It made it extremely difficult to decide if I wanted to live here, and ultimately I may choose somewhere else even though I like the amenities.” —Costa Mesa, Calif.

“I would appreciate a tour of the property. I was shown 2 apartments and that was all. I would also recommend relaxing the threat of multiple fees until the tour is finished. I was immediately turned off by the discussion of fees and fees and more fees…..” —Issaquah, Wash.

“Even though it was a busy Saturday and the woman working the office was working on her own, she took the time to answer all of our questions and take us on a tour even though we didn’t have an appointment. Knowing you have awesome staff like her was our favorite part!” —Salt Lake City, Utah

“I drove over an hour to be told there was no unit to actually tour, that I would be watching a YouTube video. Unacceptable.” —Bridgewater, Mass.

“Requirement to sign the same day as tour to get benefits was too pushy, especially since I had several days of tours.” —Seattle, Wash.

“Lack of professionalism by employees is a huge red flag. If I’m already annoying you with a tour of the place, that’s not a good start. I’m not going to live the next year walking on eggshells in my own home. No thanks.” —Littleton, Colo.

“Make sure that the people in the office fully understand the policies of the apartment. The person who gave me my tour assured me of some things and then after I moved in realized that the lease said the opposite.” —Atlanta, Ga.

“Providing dimensions (length, width, height) of each apartment in the floorplans would be helpful. The agent didn’t know the dimensions which made it hard for me to figure out if my furniture would fit and wished I had a tape measure with me while I was touring.” —Portland, Ore.

“Everyone was very helpful and polite when I took my tour and signed my lease. Even the other residents were great during my move in. I can’t wait to spend my time here!” —Costa Mesa, Calif.

“Leasing agent was initially late, rude, and unprofessional. Her attitude improved during the tour, but she completely turned me away from wanting to live there.” —Denver, Colo.

“She was friendly but the tour felt very rushed, like she had somewhere else to be. The apartment itself was fine but the halls looked more like a hospital than somewhere I’d want to live.” —Houston, Texas

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