Residents Get Real on Community Likes, Dislikes

Tell us how you really feel! This month’s collaboration between MHN and Kingsley Associates features resident comments on everything from pet-themed mixers to a case of mistaken identity.

In this month’s partnership between MHN and Kingsley Associates, we reveal the funniest feedback from residents, on what they like and dislike about their communities.

“The things that made this place both beautiful and unique are gone. We no longer have outside grills nor are we allowed to have our own. No more fun fountains, no more ponds with koi fish and turtles, just grass and higher rent.” –Arizona

“The mirror in the second bathroom looks like a funhouse mirror. I asked for it to be changed but my request was denied. It’s silly, but I would rather move apartments over this simple request because every morning I look in this mirror it makes me look wide and fat!” –Texas

“I was very impressed with the sales representative until she kept referring to me as Dallas (my dog’s name). Now I’m getting surveys with my dog’s name. It was funny at first, now it’s a bit silly.” –Arizona

“We need more neighbor or floor-by-floor mixers! Maybe themed by like cat people vs. dog people and other fun themes. This way I can meet other cat people! Also is there a service to feed pets while one is away on a business / personal trip?” –New Jersey

“I suggest a Jacuzzi be installed immediately. You’ve had your fun with this LEED certification. A Jacuzzi is important to my lifestyle. Also, make this a young adults only community. We are only like 20 kids away from it.” –California

“We have found a home with 74 other families. The mixture is complete from one end of the spectrum to the other. Very cohesive, mostly friendly, and always fun.” –Massachusetts

“The only thing that is crummy is the construction work that’s happening right outside my window. Fun view! But sleeping in…not an option. There’s too much noise.” –Georgia

“I thought the apartment complex would be a fun place for my child to play in. It turns out there aren’t many outdoor activities or outdoor spaces for him to play.”  –Arizona

“The apartment complex had all the stuff I was looking for, but it isn’t in a very fun or hip area.” –Georgia

“Everything was great except the online application. The functionality of the site and user-experience isn’t great.  If you’re finding that this is a common complaint or getting lots of emails from people having difficulties, I’d be happy to help. I’m a web designer :)” –Utah

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